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All payments are secure and directly distributed in our

Church account using Square. 

Cedar Creek Donations

Make your payments here by clicking on the buttons ☺

Donation Jar

Tithe & Offerings

Your tithe is directly recorded and processed safely into the Cedar Creek Baptist Church account. Your gift of tithe and offerings are collected here by pressing the "tithe" button.

Thank you for giving to Cedar Creek Baptist Church ♥ 

Pre-Construction Consultation

Sanctuary Building Fund

Giving a gift towards our Sanctuary Building Fund is extremely appreciated! Your gift of donation directly reflects the growth of our buildings, Church grounds, and maintaining the Church Sanctuary.

Support technical upgrades, lighting, sound devices, maintenance, and basic construction.

Donating Food to Charity

Food Pantry

Our food pantry offer meals and non perishables to our local community. With your donations and generous gift of giving, the Church can directly purchase these goods for local families. The food is properly stored and given to families in need. 

The food pantry ministry serves our communities the SECOND Thursday of every month from 9am - 12 noon.

Fall Tokens
Food Delivery

Thanksgiving Baskets

Cedar Creek is fighting hunger and gifting food for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Click here to make your gifted donation.

Children's Ministry

Want to help donate towards our Children's events?

Help support children in our community!

Children's creativity



Halloween Festival

Kids Playing Tug of War

Kids Camp

Family Praying

Children's Ministry

Egg Hunter

Easter Hunt

Lunch Time

Gerry Ward

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Church Accounts
Giving and Donations
Holiday Offerings
Missionary Donations
Tax Statements


Christmas Tree

Angel Tree

Knitted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Give a gift to a child this Christmas! Your donation directly effects the community. This is for a domestic and local children, who just want to receive a nice gift for Christmas. 

Operation Christmas Child

Christmas Gift

Want to give a Christmas gift across the God's world? Giving to Operation Christmas Child direct funds the shipment of the shoeboxes to children in other countries.


Cedar Creek helps support both Domestic and Foreign Missionaries!

Friends in Nature

Lottie Moon


Becca Bacca

Group Hug

Annie Armstrong


Mother's Day

American Heart 2

McGuire State Missions

Image by Akira Hojo

Other Donations

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