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Want to check out Cedar Creek Christian School?

Click here to visit the school website!

School Payments

Make your school payments here!

Welcome to our Parent Portal.
You can now make direct and easy to use payments online!
Simply press the "click here" button to make the payment for each category.

Self-Pay Tuition

Click here if you want to make a payment towards your child's tuition. This would be only the students that do not have scholarships. This is strictly for self-pay tuition families.

Field Trip

Is your classroom going on a field trip?

Make your payments either to the classroom teacher or click here. We can accept payments for your student's field trip!

Extended Day

You can make a payment toward your child's After Care service. 

AM Drop in fee = $8

PM Drop in fee = $12

Monthly AM fee = $65

Monthly PM fee = $115


Click here to make payments for your child's lunch. You can view your child's lunch balances on PRAXI parent portal!

Summer Camp

CCCS offers an amazing summer camp program with field trips and fun!

Payments for Summer Care can be made here!

New Family Fee

New to our school?

Here is where you can make the admission payment for the

New Family Fee


Need to make more then one payment?

Simply complete one payment at a time.
Once you paid for Lunch, you can now make another payment towards Sport fees or even old fees from previous years!

Contact Student Accounts

Due to the high volume of emails, please allow extended reply time.

Allowing each parent's request to process and get resolved.

Thank you for your patience. ☺

Payment Questions

Procare payments

Quickbook charges

Student Invoices

Student Statements

Student Balances

Payment Options

Refunds or Receipts


Athletic Program Payments

Make your sports payments here!


Need to make payments on your child's football fees?

No worries.

Click here to get caught up on those Football payments!


Both male and female weight lifting payments can be made by click here! Those students work hard to learn the importance of health and body.

Weightlifting fees are paid here.


Our students are jumping hurdles and running races!

Click here to make payments for Track.

Soccer & all other sports

While student's are taking their shots at that goalie, You can pay all sport's fees here! All unlisted sports fees can be paid in this category! Just click on the payment link button under the soccer player!


Both Softball and Baseball fees can be made here. Whether the season is over or just beginning, you can keep up with payments by click here!


They shoot hoops and learn the importance of team work. Basketball payment can be made here.

Just click on the basketball link!

Athletic Director

Coach Howell

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Please keep in mind this is a private email account for sports related topics only.

Other School Payments

Graduation Fees

Click here if you want to make a payment towards your child's Graduation. This would be only the students that are going through the Graduation Ceremony. 

Prom or Senior Trip

You can make payments on the fees that have to do with

Prom or Senior trips!

Just click the button and enter in your Senior's info. 

Other School Fees

Need to make a payment that is not listed on the webpage?

Click here and add details about what you are paying for! You can pay Late fees here too!

Got questions about Cedar Creek Admissions?

Click on our Cedar Creek Christian School link to get help with school questions that are not related to payments. We are happy to help answer any questions for parents or potential parents!

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